Friday, April 8, 2016

Long time - no read. And yay, it's Friday.

No. I will not apologize for the silence on my blog again. That doesn't mean that I am not sorry for writing more, it just seems so redundant to apologize for it every few weeks. I wish I had more time to write more but time is flying by even faster than it used to be and the moments in silence where my brain can produce a useful text for my readers are not abundant these days. I am trying... :)

We had two wonderful weeks in Vienna, my home town. It helped a lot to re-charge my batteries which were almost empty. I have been going through a  rough time in the last two months or so and I am unsure if I am over it already. I guess I was still am a victim of reverse culture shock. It hit me all of a sudden and pretty hard. Those seven plus years abroad have definitely changed me and while I feel a lot more flexible in terms of adapting, I still struggle. This time the settling/adapting means that we are staying forever and this feeling seems to make it harder. Our life was so busy and with so much change in the last years and now all of a sudden we are supposed to settle. It's something I long for to be honest, more stability, making local friends who will stick with us, finding those places you will love and can always go back to. Not just a temporary life. But it is also scary.

Anyway, the trip back home has helped a lot. It has been three weeks and so much happened in those three weeks. Ella turned three. We celebrated her big day with family and then again with her preschool friends at our house. Then there was Easter. The girls had a week-long break from preschool and I started working right in the middle of their break. My first day back to work after almost five years. I am teaching undergraduate students who study economics and international students who are in Germany through an exchange program and it is so much fun.

Below some pictures from the last weeks. Also, stay tuned, next week  (of course it took much longer!) there will finally be an answer to Tina's last letter from me.


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